At Bubble Bark, your dog is our absolute number one priority. We are passionate about animal welfare, and strive to create a grooming experience that is as natural and stress free as possible. We operate at all times on a one to one basis, and never overbook or rush our appointments, so there is no need for your beloved pooch to be kept waiting, or put in a kennel. We have worked hard to create a calm, relaxed environment for your dog, so that the grooming experience is as enjoyable and positive as we can make it, and they leave happy and excited to return!

With animal welfare being our absolute main priority, we will never push a dog to endure anything that they are uncomfortable with, and while they are in our care they will be treated with as much love and respect as we show our own dogs. We have sourced the most high quality, natural products that we can find (coconut oil paw rub anyone?!), and strive to look after your pets emotional and physical wellbeing at all times.


Founder & Dog Groomer
– City and Guilds level 3 qualified
– Canine First Aid trained

While she enjoys every aspect of dog grooming, Sarah-Jane loves getting out all the loose coat during a good de-shed treatment – so satisfying! She has a keen interest in canine nutrition, so not only can she pamper your pooch, she can also offer advice from a nutritional perspective if required. Sarah-Jane has recently welcomed Whisky, a Border Collie puppy to the family, which also includes two cheeky but lovely Siamese cats.


Founder & Dog Groomer
– City and Guilds level 3 qualified
– Canine First Aid trained

Charley cannot deny her love of all animals, living with 2 dogs, 4 cats and 2 guinea pigs! There isn’t a single breed of dog Charley dislikes, but she is especially happy when pampering a lovely Labradoodle or cuddly Cockerpoo! Charley is also knowledgeable when it comes to canine nutrition, and will be happy to help with any queries you have.


Assistant & Bather


Ann is Charley’s Mum (and Sarah-Jane’s Mother-in-law!). She has always been very present in the operation of Bubble Bark and loved seeing our pooches enjoy a pamper since the beginning, but in 2021 – Ann officially joined the team! Ann loves giving your doggies a gentle bubble bath before they have their hair cut! Ann has a soft spot for a Terrier, and has her own little Norfolk X Westie as as a Ragdoll and Sypnx cat.


Chief Toy & Treat Tester

At Bubble Bark, we like to ensure your pooch has the most positive experience with us – therefore, Rodneys role at Bubble Bark is vital! He will only accept the most scrumptious treats, and cuddliest toys!


Chief Accountant

The brains behind the whole operation, Whisky keeps a watchful eye on all of our appointments. Proving Border Collie’s are one of the most intelligent breeds, he calculates how much is available in the Bubble Bark piggy bank.


Security Guard

Ronnie likes to ensure everything runs smoothly. He will be sure to say (in his own words!) if something isn’t to his liking. But, he is 100% all bark and no bite!

Our Grooming Salon

Formed in 2017, the creation of Bubble Bark’s salon has been a labour of love.

We wanted to do things right from day one and have meticulously selected a range of equipment and products that allow us to provide the best possible service.


We think that in order to appropriately control the stress levels of the dogs in our care, it is important that we can adequately control the noise level and power of our dryer. After a lot of research, we chose the Groom Professional i600 Dryer, which allows us to control the heat, power and noise, ensuring that your pup stays comfortable at all times, which is especially important for dogs who are anxious about the drying process.

We do not, and will not ever use cage or cabinet dryers. Our service is truly one to one, with no need for your dog to be left in a cage or unattended at any point.

Happy hoodies

We are big fans of the “Happy Hoodie” at Bubble Bark. Although our dryer is fantastic for nervous pooches, we like to take extra measures to ensure your dogs are as relaxed as possible during their stay. Therefore, some pups can be seen wearing one of these microfibre snoods whilst they are being dried.

Some dogs become anxious or fearful of the noise and force which come from high velocity dryers, so the ‘Happy Hoodie’ muffles the noise and helps to keep dogs calm. The thick material also helps to soak up moisture from the covered area assisting drying of ears and face, which are often areas where dogs are particularly sensitive.

Toys and treats

We want your dog to love visiting us, so we like to make sure that we schedule our appointments so that no aspect is rushed, and we can go at your dogs pace, as well as allowing a little time to play with a toy and have a nutritious treat before or after the groom (with your permission!). We prefer to groom less dogs per day, and be able to get to know each dog individually.

Natural, organic shampoo

It was really important to us to choose the correct products, as we only want the best for our pooches! After thorough research, we found two shampoo brands that we loved! “Espree” and “Millys” are both made using only the finest, natural ingredients.

As well as being kind to our dogs skin, we are delighted with the results we get from the shampoos, leaving coats incredibly soft and smelling lovely. We have a selection of different shampoos and will use one best suited to your dogs skin/coat condition, and coat type. If you want to find out more about these fantastic products, then visit and for more information.

We have a vast selection of fragrances, and will apply a generous spritz at the end of the groom – to prolong that lovely freshly groomed smell. In addition to this, no groom would be complete without a finishing touch in the form of a bow!

Two groomers!

Do you have two or more dogs? We can book you a longer appointment allowing you to bring them together and also collect them together. The only time we would ever aim to have more dogs than groomers are for those clients in the same household (or close friends when clients ask us to book together!).

We do not allow dogs to mix with any other dogs that they do not know. We also have an extra large bath and drying station, so providing your dogs are good friends, they can share this experience, which can help if one or both of them are a little bit anxious.

Don’t just take our word for it

We’re passionate about what we do, and whenever we can, we like to share our knowledge to our owners. From simple tips on maintaining your dog’s coat, to more detailed nutrition information, please have a look about what’s trending now on our Facebook page. You’ll also find pictures of our most recent visitors and reviews from their owners.

    5 star review  Thank you for my deshed today girls!!I feel n look amazing!! I'll try not to roll in fox poop....well for a while� love Oscar xxx

    Louise Gibson Avatar Louise Gibson
    13th July 2018

    5 star review  Amazing! Recommended to anyone! Ladies as so helpful and they love their job! They will treat your doggy like a royalty �� thank you! We enjoyed it a lot and definitely will be back �

    Jevgenija Bajarčuka Avatar Jevgenija Bajarčuka
    21st December 2017

    5 star review  Took double trouble Springer Spaniels for grooming today. One arrived ‘fairly muddy’ (well, filthy after a run through the quagmire like fields) and the other was ‘quite dirty’ as well. The ladies had their work cut out! I was immediately reassured that I was leaving the dogs with experts and ladies who undoubtedly love and know how to handle dogs. Monty can be a bit clingy to me so leaving him can be difficult. Owiskis doesn’t like hoses or showers so she can be a bit nervous as well. Both dogs emerged looking and smelling fabulous with their white bits gleaming. They’ll be back again in around 10 weeks. Super job and great to have somewhere like this locally to support. Was there a prize for dirtiest bath water? ���

    Lee Cassels Avatar Lee Cassels
    14th March 2018

    5 star review  The girls are amazing. They have groomed my westie many times and when he goes for his make overs I do not get a second look, as soon as he see's the girls he is off, he loves going there. Freddie is really pampered there they do a wonderful job and he comes back smelling amazing. Nothing is to much trouble in fact the last time he was washed we took him for a walk over the field, he rolled in something very smelly, they saw him when we came back and washed him again at no extra cost. AMAZING.

    Linda Thompson Avatar Linda Thompson
    26th September 2017

    5 star review  I feel very anxious leaving Benji with anyone that he/ we don’t know really well. He is quite a sensitive dog and over the past couple of years we have taken Benji to a couple of groomers and although there was nothing wrong with them as such, I felt very uneasy leaving Benji as he was always quite anxious when we collected him- he was thirsty, keen to leave, and once I heard him barking on my arrival. Although Bubble Bark is a little out of the way for us (about a 40 minute drive) as soon as Charley and Sarah said they were starting the company up I knew we had to give them a go. We knew them both from their days working at a local pet store and what really drew me to Bubble Bark was their obvious love of dogs. When we arrived they made such a fuss of Benji, giving him treats, cuddles and playing with him. They also made me feel reassured, I didn’t feel like we had to leave before we/ Benji were ready and I could just tell he would be in safe hands. When we went to collect him we could see Charley playing with him as we approached, Benji was having the best time and certainly was not waiting for us to collect him! What’s more he looked and smelt AMAZING! The smell lasted for days and the trim was perfect, we were so happy with how lovely and clean Benji looked. For me, the main thing is knowing that Benji is looked after and I am in absolutely no doubt that he gets the best possible care with Charley and Sarah. They are real dog lovers and I just know they make every dog feel loved and at ease. There are no crates at Bubble Bark and you don’t get the “conveyor belt” feel you do at other groomers, quite the opposite. As mentioned above, Benji came out of his groom looking and smelling amazing, but to me Bubble Bark’s USP is the way they treat the dogs – and the owners. We are already looking forward to taking Benji back to Bubble Bark in a couple of months’ time!

    Louisa Hutchins Avatar Louisa Hutchins
    8th January 2018

    5 star review  Thank you so much! We met two wonderful ladies, who obviously love the dogs. 🙂 For Drake (7) and Benjamin (6) were the first time here and I can safely say that they were in very good hands. I recommend them. Ladies made a fantastic job, see you next year.

    Kasza-Szalontai Éva Avatar Kasza-Szalontai Éva
    24th November 2017

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