Puppy Pamper Programme

£100 covering four, one hour* visits

We welcome puppies from any age; early introduction to the grooming process is something which we believe to be vital for puppies, especially breeds that will require regular grooming as adults. The earlier that puppies are introduced to the grooming process, the more at ease they will be with it, and the more they will enjoy visiting us! The programme is suited for puppies up to 5 months of age, and we are able to schedule an appointment providing that a week has passed since their second vaccinations. Our Puppy Pamper Programme is a set price of £100, and this includes four, one hour* visits spaced 3 weeks apart with the sole purpose of getting your dog used to the grooming process.

Each session will be led entirely by your dog, and you will receive an individual ‘progress report’ after each visit so that you can see how well they are doing and what areas we need to work on the next time they come. We will also spend time with you to ensure that you have the best tools and tips for maintaining you new pets coat between grooms, so that you can be sure that you are achieving the look you want every time.

We’ll take each session at the pace and comfort of each individual puppy, but our aim is to achieve some/all of the following- bath, gentle blow dry, brush, nail clip, hygiene clip, face tidy, feet tidy**. Some more confident puppies might comfortably achieve all of this on their first visit, but as our aim is to ensure that each session is ended on a positive note, and that the puppy is comfortable throughout, then some puppies may need a more gradual introduction over the four visits.

*Certain breeds may require longer!
**If you believe your puppy requires a full groom before the end of the Puppy Pamper Programme, we may be able to do so. We can discuss if we believe your puppy is ready for a full groom. Bubble Bark will need notice beforehand to accommodate extra time, and an additional cost will be needed (price confirmed by Groomer).

OAP (old age pup!) indulgence pack

Additional £15 to any of our grooming services

We completely understand that older dogs may be a bit slower and less able to cope with the grooming process in the way that they were in their youth. This is why we have introduced an ‘OAP’ package, to ensure that our golden oldies are catered for in the best way possible. This package allows a longer appointment time, which includes a relaxing break for a tasty, nutritious treat (with owners permission) and some fuss, as well as regular bathroom breaks. This experience includes everything in our full groom package, as well as a nourishing coconut oil paw massage designed to sooth those dry, cracked pads and a relaxing facial.

While this package is primarily designed for our older clients, it is available to anyone! Dogs of a nervous disposition, or dogs who are not particularly used to the grooming process, may also benefit from this package. The OAP package is an additional £15 to any of our grooming services.

Ready to book?

We’re very excited to hear from you! Appointments for any of our special packages can be made via the email form on our contact details page, or by calling us on 01869 226 557.

We kindly ask that ahead of making a booking, all customers have a read through our ‘house rules‘ with our FAQ section which gives you an overview of our different policies such as cancellations, late collection, and matted dogs.