How to reach Bubble Bark from towns in Buckinghamshire

Bicester is very well connected by road to it's surrounding counties, making it easy access for customers who may not be local to our dog grooming salon in Marsh Gibbon village. To give you an idea of how long it could take you to reach Bubble Bark, we've selected six of the major towns within Buckinghamshire. The distances that we've listed below are point-to-point (as the crow flies), and we've used driving time estimations from Google Maps.

The Buckinghamshire towns featured on this page should be less than a 45 minute drive away, traffic permitting, and many of our customers travel from close to these towns already. We'd love for your dog to also experience our grooming services and to welcome you through the doors of the Bubble Bark salon. We believe that it's worth the extra distance to travel to Bubble Bark for your next dog grooming appointment, and we've summarised a few of the key reasons within our why choose us page. For full address details, and further contact information please head over to our contact us page


Distance: 20 miles 
Typical Driving Time: 25 mins 

The route from Aylesbury to the Bubble Bark salon in Marsh Gibbon is one of the most direct compared to other towns within Buckinghamshire. Pick up the A41 in the direction of Bicester and follow it through the villages of Waddesdon, Woodham and Kingswood. Take the next right after going through Kingswood - although don't worry if you miss the turning - the next right hand turn before railway bridge will also take you towards Marsh Gibbon village. 


Distance: 15 miles 
Typical Driving Time: 35 mins 

The A421 in the direction of Buckingham is the best road to use in order to travel to our salon. It's a direct route, where you continue across each of the roundabouts for about 10 miles. Once you pass Pets at Home and Aldi on your left, you'll need to go left on the following roundabout in the direction of Gawcott. From here, the directions are very similar to the driving directions from Buckingham; described below. 


Distance: 7 miles
Typical Driving Time: 20 mins

Besides Bicester, Buckingham is the next nearest major town to Bubble Bark. Exit the A421 in the direction of Gawcott and then turn left onto Hillesden Road at the junction with the Crown Pub is opposite you. Continue down this road for approximately 1.5 miles, before turning right at a staggered junction which will be signposted towards Twyford & Marsh Gibbon. Follow the road through Charndon village and you will soon arrive in Marsh Gibbon. 

Leighton Buzzard

Distance: 17 miles
Typical Driving Time: 40 mins

You'll travel through some great countryside villages on the route from Leighton Buzzard to Marsh Gibbon. Unfortunately there are no direct routes, unless you take a slightly longer loop round by heading north towards Bletchley and using the A421 to cut across. The more scenic, and shorter route, which initially involves using the A418 to exit Leighton Buzzard, will then take you via Hoggeston, Granborough, Calvert and Charndon. 

Milton Keynes

Distance: 16 miles
Typical Driving Time: 35 mins 

Depending on where in Milton Keynes you are located, there are two possible routes to take; either to initially head north on the A5 and then across on the A422, or alternatively to head west on the A421. With both routes you'll reach Buckingham and then head south through Gawcott, following a similar route as described earlier on this page for Buckingham. 

Princes Risborough

Distance: 16 miles 
Typical Driving Time: 40 mins

Exit Princes Risborough in the direction of Thame, and the B4011 which will take you across some very picturesque Oxfordshire countryside on your way to Bubble Bark! You'll travel through the villages of Long Crendon and Oakley, before turning right at Blackthorn. Cross the A41 and follow the road directly into Marsh Gibbon village.