Dog Grooming Services

Professional dog grooming for Bicester and the surrounding villages by qualified, experienced dog groomers Sarah-Jane & Charley
Freshen Up
Perfect for the mucky pups! Two professional grade shampoos and a condition, followed by a blow dry and a full brush out of the coat. We will finish the groom with a generous spritz of doggy perfume and a bow for their collar.
Tidy Up
After a bath & dry we will attend to the nails, hygiene area, ears, and clip out the hair between the paw pads. To keep your pooch looking clean and tidy, we will trim the hair between the eyes and tidy up around the paws.
Full Works
The full works is the complete package! We will clip and style the hair to your preference (this can be breed standard, personal choice - or if you're stuck, please don’t hesitate to ask us for advice on which style will suit your dog and lifestyle).
Ideal for pooches who moult a lot! We use a high quality organic de-shedding shampoo, which stimulates the shedding process, followed by a ‘blast’ of the coat with a high velocity dryer, which quite literally blasts hair all over the salon!
Hand Stripping
This technique is used for some wire coated dogs in order to maintain the natural colour and texture of the coat. We will use a range of hand stripping tools to get the desired look, and scissor tidy (if necessary – depending on breed) areas needed.

Hello From Us

We have worked hard to create a calm, relaxed environment for your dog, so that the grooming experience is as enjoyable and positive as we can make it, and they leave happy and excited to return!

With animal welfare being our absolute main priority, we will never push a dog to endure anything that they are uncomfortable with, and while they are in our care they will be treated with as much love and respect as we show our own dogs.

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      What our customers say


        5 star review  I feel very anxious leaving Benji with anyone that he/ we don’t know really well. He is quite a sensitive dog and over the past couple of years we have taken Benji to a couple of groomers and although there was nothing wrong with them as such, I felt very uneasy leaving Benji as he was always quite anxious when we collected him- he was thirsty, keen to leave, and once I heard him barking on my arrival. Although Bubble Bark is a little out of the way for us (about a 40 minute drive) as soon as Charley and Sarah said they were starting the company up I knew we had to give them a go. We knew them both from their days working at a local pet store and what really drew me to Bubble Bark was their obvious love of dogs. When we arrived they made such a fuss of Benji, giving him treats, cuddles and playing with him. They also made me feel reassured, I didn’t feel like we had to leave before we/ Benji were ready and I could just tell he would be in safe hands. When we went to collect him we could see Charley playing with him as we approached, Benji was having the best time and certainly was not waiting for us to collect him! What’s more he looked and smelt AMAZING! The smell lasted for days and the trim was perfect, we were so happy with how lovely and clean Benji looked. For me, the main thing is knowing that Benji is looked after and I am in absolutely no doubt that he gets the best possible care with Charley and Sarah. They are real dog lovers and I just know they make every dog feel loved and at ease. There are no crates at Bubble Bark and you don’t get the “conveyor belt” feel you do at other groomers, quite the opposite. As mentioned above, Benji came out of his groom looking and smelling amazing, but to me Bubble Bark’s USP is the way they treat the dogs – and the owners. We are already looking forward to taking Benji back to Bubble Bark in a couple of months’ time!

        thumb Louisa Hutchins
        8th January 2018

        5 star review  They looked after Tuppence today. Their room was covered in his fur! Thank you ladies for making him look and feel like a puppy again!

        thumb Collette Howse
        30th October 2017

        5 star review  Thank you so much for your friendly service, Benji come back smelling beautiful all Christmassy, have a lovely Christmas and we will see you in the new year x �

        thumb Lisa Marie Holton
        18th December 2017

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