Do I need to get my puppy groomed?

While it is true that some breeds require more frequent grooming than others, all breeds benefit from the grooming process. It’s a good idea to get any breed of puppy used to the aspects of grooming relevant to them while they are young. If you can get your pup comfortable with these procedures early on, it tends to be easier when they’re older as they know what to expect, and can begin to enjoy the experience. Early socialisation is key for puppies in all areas of their lives, and this includes de-sensitisation to the grooming process.

When should I get my puppy groomed?

As soon as they are fully vaccinated, they’re welcome to visit the groomers! Getting them familiar with the process early on, means that grooming just becomes part of normal life. It also means your groomer can help your pup gain confidence and slowly get used to the different aspects one step at a time before it becomes a necessity. For example, getting them used to a bath, dry and nail clip etc. before the coat gets too long and a full groom is required.

What should I expect from a first groom?

It is completely normal for puppies to feel a little nervous on their first visit to the groomers. Our aim is to make puppy visits as positive as possible, and we find (for some dogs) it is asking a lot to expect them to be ok with the entire process all at once! So rather than using clippers on the first visit, we normally tend to lightly scissor round puppies feet and face, so they have a nice tidy up, but still keep that loveable puppy look!

Bubble Barks Puppy Package

Our Puppy Pamper Programme is a set price of £80, and this includes four, one hour* visits with the sole purpose of getting your dog used to the grooming process.

Each session will be led entirely by your dog, and you will receive an individual ‘progress report’ after each visit so that you can see how well they are doing and what areas we need to work on the next time they come. We will also spend time with you to ensure that you have the best tools and tips for maintaining you new pets coat between grooms, so that you can be sure that you are achieving the look you want every time.
We’ll take each session at the pace and comfort of each individual puppy, but our aim is to achieve some/all of the following- bath, gentle blow dry, brush, nail clip, hygiene clip, face tidy, feet tidy. Some more confident puppies might comfortably achieve all of this on their first visit, but as our aim is to ensure that each session is ended on a positive note, and that the puppy is comfortable throughout, then some puppies may need a more gradual introduction over the four visits.

Please do not worry about leaving your puppy with us, we completely understand that our dogs are a massive part of the family, and your little ones will be treated with as much love and affection as we show our own dogs. We assure you that we adore all dogs, and we feel honoured to give puppies their first grooming experience!

*Certain breeds may require longer!