Can my old dog be groomed?

We have devised an OAP package, which aims to support older dogs and their more specific needs. We do not rush any of our appointments, however we are aware that most older dogs need more time than most, so with our OAP package, we schedule in specific breaks, as well as allowing additional breaks throughout the groom if we feel that the dog needs it. Older dogs may need a little extra care while they are with us, and their comfort is our number one priority. We will work around your dog as much as possible, so for example, if they need to lie down while they are being dried, then we will accommodate this to the best of our ability, even if it means that we need to climb on the drying table with them to reach more difficult areas!

Is there anything else that my old dog will benefit from?

With our Old Age Pup programme (which is an additional £10 on top of any of our grooming packages), your pooch will be treated to a relaxing blueberry facial, which is a particular favourite of some of our older clients! We have some videos on our Facebook page which are available for you to watch, if you’d like to see some of our clients being given one of our facials. In addition to the facial, OAP clients are also given a moisturising coconut oil paw rub, which can be great for older dogs who can suffer from dry, cracked paw pads. We also schedule a longer appointment time, and ensure that our OAPs are given a toilet and treat* break (*with your permission).

How will I know if my dog is suitable for the OAP package?

It is difficult to put a specific age minimum on this package, because OAP status depends on specific breeds. However, the best thing to do is give us a call or send us a message, and we can advise which of our packages are suitable for you. If you don’t think that the entire OAP package is necessary, but you are interested in treating your dog to a relaxing facial, or a coconut oil paw rub, then these treatments are available for an additional £5 each.